Crystal Healing A-Z
Find the right crystal for your with Lunar by Isabella's guide to crystal healing

Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, dispels negative energy and alleviates worry and fear. It also protects against electromagnetic pollution.

Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser of the mind, body and spirit. It is also wonderful for stimulating self-expression, self-confidence and creativity. Amber brings patience, wisdom and balance to its user.

Amethyst is a calming stone, soothing anxiety and easing and irritability. Alleviates sadness and grief and works to dispel negative energy. Amethyst increases spiritual awareness and psychic intuition. 

Apatite is known to clear confuse confusion and frustration whilst awakening the inner self. It helps us to expand our knowledge and speak our truths. Apatite is also an emotional healer that is known to reduce sorrow, apathy and anger. 

Aqua Calcite
Aqua calcite is said to heal the heart, encourage self-forgiveness and compassion. Use this stone to help cleanse negative emotions and relieve cycles of self-neglect. 

The stone of the sea. It possesses calming and soothing properties and heals emotional trauma. Aquamarine helps its holder speak their truths.

Blue Aura Quartz
Blue aura quartz is a potent stone with intense high vibration. It is an uplifting stone that can be used to help lift depression and restore hope and happiness. It has a calming effect that helps to release negative energy and stress. It has also been known to connect us with our spirit guides and angels, and to soothe and heal the aura.

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate possesses soothing and calming properties. It helps to being peace and tranquillity. Also working on the throat, assisting with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. 

Carnelian stimulates creativity, motivation and vitality. It promotes courage, positivity and motivation for success. Carnelian is also a protection stone, with luck and health enhancing properties. 

Citrine is a manifestation crystal known as the merchant’s stone in many cultures. It helps increase self-esteem and positive energy. Citrine is also known to boost motivation, creativity and self-expression. Wonderful emotional balancer. 

Emerald opens up the heart and mind and is also said to strengthen our connection with the divine energies. Emerald enhances unconditional love and compassion and encourages acceptance. 

Garnet is said to revitalise, purify and balance energy, bringing serenity or passion. It is also said to balance the sex drive and alleviate emotional disharmony.

Green Amethyst
Green Amethyst helps us to integrate mind, body and spirit by connecting the solar plexus, heart, third eye and crown chakras. It is commonly used to gain spiritual serenity, higher self-esteem and better communication skills. It also holds the same properties as amethyst.  

Green Aventurine
Green aventurine promotes healing in the physical body and helps to balance body mind and spirit. It also increases wealth and prosperity and encourages compassionate behaviour. Green aventurine can also be used to stimulate strength, confidence, courage and happiness. 

Green Opal
Green Opal contains the energies of both wood and water. It is known as a cleansing and rejuvenating stone that also harmonises emotions. Green opal works on the heart chakra and stimulates letting go or moving on. It is also known to attract prosperity, good fortune and abundance. 

Green Onyx
Green Onyx symbolises restfulness and purity. It helps to release negative emotions, tension and stress. It is also said to encourage strength of mind and wise decisions. 

Ice Obsidian
Ice Obsidian is used to overcome negative moods and depression. It transforms negative emotions, such as fear, jealousy and anger into positive energies. It is also known to increase courage and inner-strength. Ice obsidian also offers spiritual protection. 

Iolite has been used by shamans for years to enhance their experience of visions. This crystal is said to increase intuition and provide spiritual guidance. Iolite helps us to communicate with our inner self to bring awareness to our true feelings. It also has calming properties that help to promote a sense of peace and tranquillity. 

Jade is an earth crystal that symbolises serenity and purity. It is connected to wisdom, tranquillity, loving and nurturing. Jade is a protective stone that also eases the mind and promotes harmony and peace.

Labradorite is a stone of transformation and a useful companion through change. It imparts strength and perseverance on your journey. It also balances and protects the aura, increases consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Use labradorite to strengthen intuition and psychic abilities. 

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli increases self-awareness and encourages creativity. It encourages clarity of expression by opening the throat chakra and allowing one to speak their truths. In doing this Lapis Lazuli instils us with honesty and morality. 

Larimar is a rare gemstone found only in the Dominican Republic. It is said to be an emotional, mental and spiritual healer. Larimar facilitates inner wisdom and outer manifestation. Radiating love and healing energy.

Lepidolite promotes deep emotional healing and soothing, whilst reducing stress and depression. It also clears and dispels negative energy. Lepidolite works on the throat, third eye and crown chakras and stimulates psychic awareness. 


Lilac Amethyst
Lilac Amethyst has all the properties of amethyst as well as its own incredible ones. It instils peace, reduces stress, increases awareness and heals emotional pain. Lilac amethyst connects us to wisdom and intuition as well as self-knowledge and spiritual insight.

Mangano Calcite
Mangano calcite encourages us to love ourselves and accept love from others. It is a nurturing stone that encourages us to be loving and gentle. It also soothes stress and anxiety whilst eliminating fears. Mangano calcite has also been known to help reduce nightmares. 

Moss Agate
Moss Agate is said to encourage a sense of tranquillity and emotional balance. It is also helpful for those experiencing overwhelming emotions or aggression. Moss agate vibrates at a lower frequency and intensity and therefore offers incredible grounding effects. 

Orange Aventurine
A stone of good luck, fortune and new possibilities. Orange Aventurine enhances feelings of joy, optimism, contentment and happiness. Also supports you energetically in healing emotional traumas.

Pink Opal
Pink Opal is a love crystal that is connected to the heart chakra. It helps to heal emotional trauma and opens the heart up to love. It is known as the stone of resolution as it has been known to heal emotional wounds of the past. Use pink opal to let go of old hurt and release negative emotions. It is also used to calm nerves and anxiety. Simply hold one in your hand when feeling overwhelmed.

Peridot is the stone of compassion. Bringing good health, restful sleep and peace in relationships by balancing emotions and the mind. Peridot inspires eloquence and creativity.

Picture Jasper
Picture Jasper is strongly connected with the earth and contains grounding and harmonising properties. It is said to contain a picture from the past and provides you with a grounded sense of who you are, who you were and who you will be. Picture jasper also brings buried emotions to be released. 

Rainbow Fluorite
Rainbow fluorite promotes order, quiets chaos and brings clarity to muddled thoughts. It is also responsible for cleansing and protecting the aura. This stone has a lovely calming energy that helps strengthen intuition and allows us to see clearly. Rainbow fluorite has also been known to increase self-confidence. 

Rainbow Moonstone
A stone of new beginnings, inner growth and strength. Helps soothe emotional instability and promotes calm.

Rhodochrosite is said to integrate physical and spiritual energies, stimulating love and passion whilst energising the sole. It also opens the heart which helps to lift depression and encourage a positive outlook. Rhodochrosite also improves self-worth and soothes emotional stress.

Rhodonite is the stone of compassion that helps to clear away past emotional scars to promote deep self-healing. It is an emotional balancer than stimulates the heart chakra, promotes yin-yang balance and nurtures love. 

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is the love stone. Use it to attract love and to increase self-love. It also promotes deep inner healing and feelings of peace. A comforting companion through grief and emotional healing.

Ruby is amazing for increasing energy levels and positive energy. Known as the king of gemstones, Ruby represents the sun and promotes good health and mental strength to its holder. It also brings spiritual wisdom whilst preventing against psychic attacks.

Ruby in Fuchsite
Ruby in fuchsite is said to hold powerful emotional healing properties, as well as offering emotional support and encouraging self-reflection in difficult times. Ruby in fuchsite combines strength and courage from ruby and the calming and nourishing vibrations from fuchsite. This stone soothes distress and helps to calm the mind. 

Sapphire restores balance within the mind and body by aligning spiritual, mental and physical planes. Bringing inner peace and a calm mind. Sapphire is known as the stone of prosperity. 

Selenite is a calming stone that promotes feelings of peace and is a wonderful aid in meditation or spiritual work. It clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture. It also helps with judgement and insight. Physically, selenite is said to align the spinal column and promote flexibility.

Serpentine also known as new jade, is a powerful meditation that encourages spiritual exploration and intuition. It helps us connect with inner wisdom and memory of past lives. Serpentine stimulates the crown chakra and opens up psychic abilities. 

Smokey Quartz
Smokey quartz lifts negativity and depression and disperses fear. It also helps to relieve anxiety and stress to bring emotional harmony. Smokey quartz removes nightmares and encourages your dreams.

Sodalite is often referred to as the stone of peace. It can help us calm the mind and ease panic attacks. It is very helpful in preventing us from becoming too emotional. It stimulates self-confidence, self-expression, gives us a sense of calm and helps us to release tensions, anxiety and fears. 

Sunstone encourages individuality and allows the true self to be revealed. It is particularly powerful for those who have issues saying no. It is also said to reduce stress and fearfulness. Sunstone also instils good nature and encourages intuition. 

Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s eye is known as a stone of protection. It is also said to bring good luck, focus and mental clarity. Holding the stone may also promote objective thinking and increase our ability to solve problems without emotions. Tiger’s eye is particularly useful for calming anxiety and fear. 

Turquoise is a powerful stone that balances and aligns all the chakras. It stabilises mood and promotes inner peace. Turquoise helps alleviate depression and reduce panic symptoms. Use this stone to increase self-realisation and boost creativity.